My experience as a knife artisan / knife maker began in 1998, with ID number 0200448.

Being a benchmark in both the national and international sector, for the design and finishing of the pieces. I make a very varied production, from knives and pocket knives forged by hand, as more avant-garde models, pocket knives with different opening systems (linner lock, back lock, bearings … etc). The materials I use are very diverse, mammoth, exotic woods, carbon, special steels, etc.

I am a self-taught smith, I forge my knives in a traditional way (without electrical force), thus achieving exclusive designs and lines. The pieces are created by hand from start to finish, collaborating with the most prestigious Italian firms, for which I make exclusive designs.

I am currently the manager and owner of the company specialized in artisan and sports cutlery Alfa Cuchillería S.L, established in 2013.

I hope you enjoy my work and can share the passion through my products.


Ramón González Carlos